Former India batsman Gautam Gambhir is once again in the spotlight for making a surprising comment. The India great is known for speaking his mind and never shying away from delivering bold statements now and then.

Recently, he was all over the news for his on-field fight with his former teammate S Sreesanth. The incident took place during the game between India Capitals and Gujarat Giants in the Legends League Cricket last week. The former India cricketers were engaged in a heated exchange on the field, and the confrontation persisted even after the game.

Sreesanth uploaded a video right after the game to slam Gautam Gambhir for making unpleasant remarks about him. Later, the former India pacer revealed that the opener had called him a fixer. He also accused Gautam Gambhir of abusing him during the game. Sreesanth also commented on one of Gautam Gambhir’s Instagram posts and called him an ‘utterly classless individual’.

Gautam Gambhir surprises fans with his pick for his favorite footballer:

Gautam Gambhir faced the heat on social media after his altercation with Sreesanth last week and he is now being trolled by the fans once again. The reason is his answer when he was asked to choose between two football greats- Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo and Argentina’s Lionel Messi.

The former India opener said ‘none’ before stating: “Because I think, I would go for Marcus Rashford.” Gautam Gambhir’s answer has not impressed many and the fans have been trolling him ever since the video went viral on social media.


Recently, the World Cup winner also opened up on his infamous fight with former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi and said that he has moved on a long back. Talking to ANI, he said:

“When there’s a match between India and Pakistan why do they always show my fight with Shahid Afridi, there are so many other fights that have happened. Show something positive. Show when India has won the Asia Cup against Pakistan.

“At the end, it’s a game of numbers, right? In the end, how much traction you’re getting on social media, it’s not all about TRP. If you keep showing one thing then it gets negative. There are many other positive things to show as well, India has defeated Pakistan in many important matches,” he added.

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