As you might have heard, there is a new rivalry in the world of cricket between two Asian teams, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. The essence of that rivalry was felt last night during match no. 13 of the Indian Premier League as well.

It occurred during the 10th over of the 1st innings when Delhi Capitals were batting and Sri Lanka slinger Matheesha Pathirana completed a diving catch to dismiss David Warner off a ball from Bangladeshi bowler Mustafizur Rahman.

That catch from Matheesha Pathirana deserves more than just claps or appreciation. He was standing quite far from where the ball was going from, somewhere in the middle of the gully.

The Sri Lankan had to make a diving effort on his right and he also stretched his right arm to grab the ball. His execution was absolutely spot on but it also has to do a lot with David Warner’s shot selection.

Warner was thinking of putting the ball over the head of Matheesha Pathirana in the fly slip position and so the batter tried to play the reverse sweep. However, his execution of the shot was poor and he could not even judge in time that Mustafizur Rahman had taken the pace off. As the ball went flying on Pathirana’s right, the Sri Lankan helped his Bangladeshi teammate register his first wicket of the night but the former did not react at all.   

Matheesha Pathirana disrespects Mustafizur by sharing a fan’s post on Instagram

After the match, Matheesha Pathirana reposted all the appreciation posts he received from his fans on his Instagram story. One of the posts he shared had some comments about the fresh Sri Lanka and Bangladesh rivalry. A fan named Prithvi had taken to X (formerly Twitter) and wrote This is the first time a Sri Lankan has helped a Bangladeshi.”

Another fan named Aman replied to that tweet by highlighting the fact that Matheesha Pathirana did not even celebrate the wonderful catch. That’s why he did not even celebrate the catch.” 

Those two tweets were compiled by another fan who also made a collage of Pathirana completing the catch but not celebrating with a caption that read, “Oh God But the catch is mind-blowing.” That particular post was reshared by the Sri Lanka pacer and that is a direct dig towards Mustafizur Rahman, who in a way, is Pathirana’s rival in the international circuit.

The rivalry between the Lanka Lions and Bangla Tigers is appearing to be escalating with every match they are playing against each other. In the future too, this rivalry is expected to catch further heat and its fire can be felt even in the IPL.

After the diving catch, Matheesha Pathirana bowls two sensational yorkers to castle Marsha and Stubbs

Meanwhile, after completing that wonderful catch to remove David Warner after his half-century, Matheesha Pathirana bowled two sensational yorkers. His pacey and slinger-type yorker bamboozled the stumps and the victims were Mitchell Marsh and Tristan Stubbs, who fell prey to the Lankan in the same over.

Pathirana’s final wicket of the night was Delhi Capitals captain Rishabh Pant’s who had departed the cease after scoring 51 off 32.

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