In a recent ODI World Cup match between India and Afghanistan, Jasprit Bumrah‘s celebration created quite a buzz. The Arun Jaitley Stadium in Delhi witnessed a thrilling encounter, but one moment that stood out was Bumrah’s unique celebration after dismissing Afghanistan’s opener, Ibrahim Zadran. The celebration was reminiscent of footballer Marcus Rashford’s famous ‘temple point’ celebration and quickly went viral, captivating fans worldwide.

The match began with Afghanistan winning the toss and choosing to bat. India made a lineup change, bringing in Shardul Thakur in place of Ravichandran Ashwin. It was Jasprit Bumrah who made an early impact for India by dismissing Ibrahim Zadran. Bumrah’s delivery induced an edge off Zadran’s bat, and wicketkeeper KL Rahul took a sharp catch behind the wickets. This early wicket set the stage for what would unfold in the match.

Bumrah’s Clarification

Following Zadran’s dismissal, Jasprit Bumrah celebrated in a unique fashion. He emulated footballer Marcus Rashford’s famous ‘temple point’ celebration by pointing his finger to his head. This intriguing celebration quickly became a trending topic, with fans around the world discussing Bumrah’s gesture. Social media platforms were flooded with videos and discussions about the celebration.

However, as India secured a dominant victory over Afghanistan, Jasprit Bumrah shed light on his celebration. He explained that the celebration was a spontaneous act, saying, “The celebration just came to my mind, so I did it. Nothing related to anyone.” Bumrah’s statement clarified that the celebration was not an intentional imitation of Marcus Rashford but rather a spur-of-the-moment expression of his emotions.

Bumrah’s Impact on the Game

Jasprit Bumrah played a pivotal role in India’s victory over Afghanistan, finishing the game with four crucial wickets. His early breakthrough and consistent performance with the ball were instrumental as India restricted Afghanistan to 272 and chase it down comfortably . With this victory, India moved up to the second position in the points table, trailing only New Zealand.

In the world of cricket, moments like Bumrah’s celebration add a unique flavours to the game, showcasing the individuality and emotions of the players. Jasprit Bumrah’s ‘temple point’ celebration will be remembered as a distinctive chapter in the ongoing ODI World Cup.

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