In the aftermath of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023, where Australia secured their sixth World Cup title, a disturbing video allegedly showing Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan being mobbed by disgruntled fans began circulating on social media. The video fueled controversy and concern after the team’s poor performance in the tournament, leading to allegations of physical assault against the captain.

Misinformation and Unrelated Video

Amidst the circulating rumours, a fact-check reveals that the video depicting an alleged assault on Shakib Al Hasan is a misinterpretation. The incident in question occurred in March 2023 in Dubai, not after Bangladesh’s disappointing performance in the recent ICC Cricket World Cup 2023.

Bangladesh concluded their World Cup campaign in eighth place, falling short of expectations with only two wins in the tournament. Shakib Al Hasan, who had a below-par performance, missed the last league game against Australia due to injury. The team’s struggles were further compounded by star player Tamim Iqbal’s pre-tournament withdrawal, citing a lack of interest in what he referred to as a “dirty game.”

The viral video, widely shared on social media, created a false narrative of Shakib Al Hasan facing aggression from fans after the team’s exit from the tournament. It is crucial to clarify that the incident captured in the video is unrelated to the World Cup aftermath. The misinformation not only harms the player’s reputation but also contributes to the spread of false narratives in the age of social media.

Call for Responsible Sharing

As misinformation continues to proliferate on social platforms, fans and media are urged to exercise caution and verify information before sharing. False claims can significantly impact a player’s image and contribute to the spread of baseless rumours.

Shakib Al Hasan remains unharmed, and the video circulating widely is a misinterpretation of events. The incident took place before the World Cup, and there is no evidence to suggest that Shakib Al Hasan faced any physical harm from Bangladesh fans after the team’s exit from the tournament.

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