After India’s defeat in the ODI World Cup 2023 final against Australia, social media erupted with strong emotions. Regrettably, some Indian fans directed abusive remarks towards the families of Australian players. Renowned former India spinner Harbhajan Singh urged cricket enthusiasts to refrain from targeting Aussie cricketers and their loved ones with trolling or negative comments.

Harbhajan, via his official ‘X’ account, emphasized the unsuitability of targeting the families of the World Cup champions with trolling. Acknowledging India’s loss to a superior team in the final, he urged cricket fans to avoid disparaging others for the outcome. He concluded by underlining the significance of maintaining composure and respect, stating that preserving sanity and dignity holds paramount importance in such situations.

“Reports of trolling of family members of Australian cricket players is completely in bad taste. We played well but lost the final to better cricket by the Aussies. That’s it. Why troll the players and their families? Requesting all cricket fans to stop such behaviour. Sanity and dignity are more important,” Harbhajan wrote on X.

Here’s Harbhajan’s latest post on ‘X”:

Glenn Maxwell’s wife addresses trolling by Indian fans on social media

Mitchell Marsh faced social media trolling after sharing a picture of resting his feet on the World Cup Trophy. Additionally, post India’s loss to Australia, several cricket enthusiasts targeted the relatives of Australian players on social platforms. Vini Raman, wife of Australian all-rounder Glenn Maxwell, drew attention to this unfortunate trend. She posted her thoughts on Instagram and wrote, 

“Can’t believe this needs to be said BUT you can be Indian and also support the country of your birth where you have been raised and more importantly the team your husband father of your child plays in #nobrainer. Take a chill pill and direct that outrage towards more important issues” Vini wrote in her Instagram post.

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