Star all-rounder Hardik Pandya has shared an emotional video, wishing the Indian cricket team the best for the 2023 World Cup final against Australia in Ahmedabad on Sunday. 

Pandya, who played a crucial role in the initial matches, had to bow out due to a left ankle injury sustained in the game against Bangladesh. In the video posted on his social media, he expressed immense pride in the team’s journey.

“Boys, I cannot be more proud of this team. Everything we have done so far, how far we have come has been credit to years of hard work behind us.”

He continued, ” We are now one step away from glory, from doing something special that we dreamt of since we were children. Lifting the cup not just for ourselves, but for the billion people behind us. Always with you with my love, all my heart. Now let’s bring the cup home. Jai Hind!”

Mohammed Shami seized the opportunity in Pandya’s absence:

Pandya’s absence altered India’s strategy, leading to adjustments in the team’s composition. The void created by his absence was felt, compelling the team to reshuffle and bring in new faces like Suryakumar Yadav and Mohammed Shami.

Shami, seizing the opportunity, has been phenomenal with 23 wickets in just six 2023 World Cup games. As India braces for the final, they’ll be relying on Shami’s red-hot form. Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi lauded Shami’s stellar performance, tweeting, 

“The bowling by Mohammed Shami in this game and also through the World Cup will be cherished by cricket lovers for generations to come. Well played Shami!”

With Pandya’s motivational words echoing in their ears, Team India heads into the final with the hopes of fulfilling the dreams of millions. The emotional boost from Pandya might just be the motivation they need to clinch the coveted World Cup.

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