The ICC World Cup 2023 final will be played between India and Australia on Sunday, November 19. The match starts at 2 pm at the Narendra Modi stadium. One of the two teams at the end will be crowned the new world champions.

Team India are searching for their third World Cup title while Australia are gunning for its sixth. The Men in Blue are on an unbeaten streak of 10 matches while their counterparts Australia won eight on the trot to make it to the final.

Ahead of the big final, the new rules have been laid down to yield a result. In case the weather plays spoilsport on the day of the final, an additional reserve day (November 20, Monday) has been kept in place. The ICC has also done away with the boundary count rule that allowed England to be crowned the World Cup Champions in 2019.

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ICC World Cup 2023 Final New Rules Revealed

According to the new rules by the ICC, the final will be decided by Super Over in case it ends in a tie. The result of the match will end in a tie when the two teams end with the same score as it happened in the 2019 final. The match will then move on to the Super Over.

Each team will have six balls and two wickets to score the maximum runs. The team with the most runs will be declared the winner. And if the Super Over also ends in a tie then it will be followed by another Super Over(s) till the result is achieved, albeit time and the weather permits.

In case the Super Over also ends in Super Over as it happened in 2019, the ICC has also set rules for the same. In case the Super Over is tied as well, subsequent Super Overs shall be played until there is a winner.

If the Super Over is not competed on Sunday, due to weather conditions or any other unforeseen conditions in that case India and Australia will be declared joint winners. The reserve day will only be used if the World Cup final is not completed on the allocated day after all possible efforts.

In any unavoidable circumstances that do not allow the completion of multiple Super Overs, the Match Referee might limit the number of Super Overs and should communicate the same to the captains of both teams prior to the start of the first Super Over.

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